We unsuccessfully tried several ways to describe BCROME and its many activities, but we finally gave up and decided to not dwell on stories tedious pomposity and terms often poorly responsive to those who are not involved in advertising, relying on the words, much more authoritative and insightful, of two people who have marked our path: Silvio Saffirio and Pasquale Barbella.
What you will find below is an anthology of forewords written by them as introduction the works of art that, each year, BCROME is proud to give to his friends and customers. We believe this should be the best way to describe us.
Enjoy reading.

The newborn collection of Bcrome which you're looking at the first piece, although with different characters, more akin to the personality of the promoter Franco Bosio and to the desire of innovation of Silvia Bosio and Paolo Bonaccorsi, directly descends from the genetic line of BGS Collection.
Not only because Franco and Silvia are inextricably linked to history of that beautiful work, but because they were creators for so many years, working with passion and care to the creation and presentation of many pieces.
The aim of the Bcrome collection is capture signals, discover talent, spread the sensitivity for beauty.
Without asking the limits of artistic genre, or signature, or form (graphic, visual arts, photography and why not music), or age of the authors.

"The case does not exist," the wise Oogway sentences in the animated film Kung Fu Panda. Maybe he's right. It is no coincidence that this limited edition of Michelangelo Rossino's "missed opportunities" is printed by Bcrome, the laboratory where Silvia Bosio and Paolo Bonaccorsi cultivate the craft of printing with a great desire to innovate, or to sign that these notes is a certain Barbella.
The streets of Rossino, Franco Bosio (father of Silvia and curator of this reproduction) and myself had already crossed in an advertising agency quite atypical, BGS (Barbella Gagliardi Saffirio) in Turin and Milan, whose devotion in the arts resulted in a legendary series of multiples as gifts at Christmas, signed by thirty prominent international authors.
Bosio was personally responsible for the production of its excellence, and there was no work that would challenge him with some problems of its own reproducibility technique, even if it was a daring paper sculpture (a Nespolo's tiny theater) or print on recalcitrant media (a Mainolfi's megalopolis imprisoned in a Perspex slab as the souls in exile on the planet Krypton).
Torments hazardous, Bosio faced with brave enthusiasm. Rossino was, of course, among the favorites freelancers of BGS, by right of talent and intellectual complicity. Bcrome has kept the experimental spirit of those days, treating each object to be printed - even the most humble - with the same unconquerable passion destined to works of authorship.


Bcrome is a young and dynamic advertising production agency , founded and strongly supported by its founders, Franco Bosio, Silvia Bosio and Paolo Bonaccorsi, who after a decade of experience within the walls of CGSS first and BGS (Barbella Gagliardi Saffirio) then , have decided to create a new reality.
Always a step ahead and constantly keeping up with a society in a ongoing technological development, we are now able to offer you a service of pre-press and pre-media consolidated over time by our experience and through close collaborations with photographers, modelers 3D, graphics, retouchers, printers and photo-lithographers, we are able to present a quality product perfect in every aspect.
Since 2006, the year of the founding of BCROMEIndeed, many were the customers that we managed for third parties either directly, including:




The BCROME team is composed by professionals who have years of experience with the most important and recognized international agencies. In BCROME we are therefore able to handle any project, as complex is, through all stages of the creative and productive pipeline, from the "Layout" to executive by relating fruitfully and without semantic complications, with Art Director, Account, newspaper heading, typographers or any media operator required. Our systems for processing, proofing, storage and dispatch are constantly updating and evolving the customer to ensure maximum efficiency and compatibility.


The science that studies the synthetic image (CGI) has reached extraordinary levels. Now you can make absolutely photorealistic images by quality and amount of detail that can easily stand up to and coexist with real photographs.
With Infolder Ideas (department dedicated to new technologies and digital image processing) available Bcrome has very advanced technology and know-how to dramatically reduce the limits with which the creative thinking of the customer often clash when it comes to bringing ideas in the real world.


BCROME provides image management, advertising or editorial all round.
For this reason we are equipped to make from zero shots of product needed for customer communication, to manage the sets, setting up the studios and find locations. Enter the "photoshoot" directly in the production chain ensures the most rapid execution achieving the final product and allows the customer a higher control over costs and timescales.


The world of advertising requires that the image is perfect. Often Perfection is attained by modifying or even reconstructing the images required. The photo retouching is a complex art, but above all essential discreet. The quality of editing is evaluated not by its visibility, but from what imperceptible and imponderable is the examination of the final image. Our artists and retouchers have twenty years experience working with the most advanced technologies to ensure an outcome hard to find elsewhere.

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